Requirements for Getting an Australian Visa



Requirements for Getting an Australian Visa

Australia, officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia. By total area, Australia is the 6th largest country on earth.

The English language is the widely spoken language, and the country has fascinating places for outdoor activities with over 10,000 beaches that visitors would absolutely revere. Australia has a booming economy with a high life expectancy and low unemployment rate. If you are interested in getting an Australian visa, then you are in the right place as this article contains useful information about this.

General Requirements for an Australian Visa

Individuals who need to get visas to Australia should first meet the Australian character requirement. You ought to show that you have no criminal records for at least a year, and to support your claims, you may have to provide a police clearance. Besides the Australian character requirements, there are certain critical documents that would be needful to apply for an Australian visa. They include:

Visa application form.

A valid passport, with a validity of at least six months after the expiry of your visa (Note: Your passport must display at least two unused pages for entry/departure endorsement).

Payment proof of the Australia visa application fee (A special receipt).

A 29mmx34mm, passport photographs with a white background.

Proof of funds that shows you can cater for yourself in Australia; These documents may include: bank statement of at least six months, proof of earning, or proof of funds of a guardian in Australia.

Letter of Introduction

Marriage certification

Birth certificate of children (if any)

Affirmation of ownership

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Family pictures

Tax clearance

Most of the aforementioned documents cut across all the different kinds of Australian Visas, however, additional documents may vary depending on the visa type. Original documents are required for your application.

Types of Australian Visa

Australian visas have conventional categories, enlisting the available Australian visa types. The short-term and work-visa are included in this category. We have painstakingly provided information about these visa types so you have all you need to know and make a reliable choice. Find them below:

Short-Term Australian Visas

These are visas given for a short period of time, normally between three to six months period. They are similarly commonly issued to visitors, individuals going for businesses, tourists, and those traveling through Australia. The short-term visa includes the following:

Visitors Visa: This gives you admittance to Australia, for visits, business purposes for up to three to six months or a year period. It should be seen that you’re not allowed to use this visa for work purposes, as there exists a work visa

Electronic Travel Authority: This is given for temporary visits for the purpose of business or tourism, and this visa category is issued to citizens of certain countries. Most of the electronic travel authority visas are given online between the Australian Department of Immigration and airlines, travel consultants, or specialist service providers.

eVisitor: This is a free visa issued to eligible passport holders outside Australia, who wishes to work in Australia or visit for business or tourism purposes.

Work Visas

This is particularly for foreigners who have the required skills and work experience in-demand in Australia, and the Australian Government or a prospective employer is willing to have you come over. You must do the following to be eligible for this visa category:

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Apply for a skill select visa: Here, business people and skilled workers interested in moving to Australia are considered for a skilled visa when they submit an “Expression of Interest” (EOI) through the skill select system. Submitting an expression of interest implies that you are interested in moving to Australia as a skilled worker. This should not be mistaken for a visa application.

You can apply for a temporary skilled work visa. Applying for this shows that you wish to make a move to Australia to work in a chosen occupation for an approved Australian employer for up to ten years.

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The sorts referred to above are moreover divided into orders and judgments. To get to other Australia visa types and their essentials, visit the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs.

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