Requirements for Getting a Canada Visa



Requirements for Getting a Canada Visa

Foreigners who wish to move to Canada are required to obtain a visa, however, this is dependent on your country of origin.

Foreigners who are not nationals of visa-exempt countries will need to apply for a Canadian visa, and the type of visa you apply for depends on your immigration objectives.

Required Documents for a Canada Visa?

Valid Passport.

Completed application form.

Evidence of paid visa fees.

Clean criminal record.

Evidence of good health.

Passport-sized photograph.

Proof of funds.

Evidence you will return to your home country upon the expiration of your visa.

Identity and Civil Status Documents.

An introductory letter that clarifies your purpose of travel.

Letter of invitation/support to Canada.

Valid Passport

You should have a valid passport and some other travel documentation. At the point when you apply for a Canadian visa, you will provide the information page of your passport, and they include:

Your passport number.

The date of issue and expiry.

Personal information.

Documents and Forms

The Application package can be downloaded from the IRCC website. There, you will be provided with an instructional guide, a checklist of required documents as well as all the necessary forms you need to fill and submit.

You need to present all the documents that are required. These required records include (but are not limited to) copies of your passport, photographs, receipts of application fees payment, and other identity documents.

Notwithstanding the required documents listed on IRCC’s agenda, different nations may require explicit documents. You should ask the visa office in your home country whether you need to provide extra documents.

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Evidence of Paid Visa Fees

To apply for a Canadian visa, you should pay the essential fees and attach the receipts on your application. The charge costs depend on your immigration objectives.

There are two types of fees:

Application processing fees

Biometric charges

To see the current Canadian expenses, click here. (

Proof of Funds

You need to give proof that you are financially self-sufficient and you can support yourself and your dependent that might be accompanying you for the duration stay in Canada. You can do this by providing the following:

Bank statement.

Employment letter showing your earnings.

Evidence of the financial status of your Canadian host or relative.

Evidence You Will Return To Your Home Country Upon The Expiration of Your Visa

You should persuade your visa official that upon the expiration of your visa, you will return back home. There are a few different ways you could do that, which includes:

Present proof of employment. You need to provide copies of your contract of employment which recognizes you as a permanent worker, states when you are required to resume work, and your position at the organization.

In the event that you own property in your home country, you need to give proof of it, for example, title deeds or rent arrangements.

On the off chance that you have familial ties in your country of origin or individuals that depends on you, for example, old relatives or kids, you need to get proof of your responsibilities.

Identity and Civil Status Documents

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You need to append copies of identity and civil status documents with your Canada visa application. Documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, or annulment/divorce certificates.

Police clearances

You should demonstrate that you don’t have any past criminal records and are not a risk to Canadians by getting a police clearance from your home country.

Clinical test

You must be healthy to acquire a Canadian visa. To demonstrate that, you might be needed to undergo a clinical assessment.

An Introductory Letter That Clarifies Your Purpose of Travel

You need to give a reason why you are going to Canada when you apply for a Canadian visa. Depending on the country, the requirements could include:

An invitation letter from your sponsor or the relative/friend you will visit.

Contact information of the people who can support your stated purpose of travel.

Any documentary evidence that supports your purpose of travel.

Letter of Invitation/Support to Canada

Sometimes, you may have to provide a letter of invitation from somebody in Canada. That individual must be either a Canadian citizen or hold Permanent Residence.

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