Migrate To Australia as a Skilled Worker



Migrate To Australia as a Skilled Worker

The Australian migration law mandates all foreigners who wishes to enter the country to begin a legal process of immigrating to Australia.

Foreigners who satisfy the eligibility criteria will be granted an Australian visa. 9 – 12 months is the typical processing time for an Australian visa application, which gives the foreigner enough time to properly plan their entry into the country.

Skilled foreigners who wish to move to Australia as an economic immigrant under Skilled migration must complete the following steps:

1. Work experience and Studies Accreditation

Applicants with relatable work experience and degree must receive accreditation for their education and work experience. This is the first step as an economic immigrant.

You will be issued a letter of recommendation after your qualification and work experience is deemed to be the equivalent of the standard in Australia.


Payment of application fee is an obligate requirement, and you are required to make a payment between the ranges of AUD$450 and AUD$4000 to the relevant body in your home country.

Accrediting bodies in most cases charge around AUD$800 as an assessment fee.

Within 2-3 months, applicants usually receive a decision on the accreditation process.

2. Language Proficiency

Applicants who are from a non-English speaking countries are mandated to undergo a language proficiency test to test their proficiency in communication and comprehension.

The language test awards point based on the following: hearing, speaking, talking, and listening. You need to score a minimum of 6 out of a possible 9 in each component to pass the minimum criteria.

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The Language test exam (IELTS) fee is about AUD$300 and the fee is payable to the IELTS administrator available in your home country.

3. Expression of Interest Submission Under SkillSelect

Upon accreditation, you are required to formally submit an Expression of Interest online via the SkillSelect portal. Thereafter, if you satisfy the eligibility criteria, you will receive an invitation to apply for a visa from the Australian government.

4. State Nomination Application

Applying directly to the state government for nomination is the next step if you are applying for a state nominated visa. The process and eligibility requirements differ from each state.


It cost between 0 to AUD$800 for the state government application. It usually takes about 1-4 weeks to get a decision on the state nomination application.

5. Visa Program

The fifth step in the economic immigration application is by applying for a visa. The visa application can be done online and you are required to submit certified true copies of your supporting documents.


The following are visa application fees paid to the Australian government:

Principal applicant: AUD$3,755.00
Each applicant above the age of 18 (if applicable): AUD$1,875.00
Each applicant under the age of 18 (if applicable): AUD$940.00

An applicant who is above the age of 18 years and is unable to communicate in English will be charged an additional AUD$4,890, and upon arrival in Australia, this individual will be entitled to 500 hours of “free” English courses.

6. Police Certificates and Health Test

Character and Health tests are obligate requirements and applicants are mandated to under this test. The health test will be carried out by a designated doctor with the Australian embassy, and this test includes all members of the applicant’s family. This could include family members who are not migrating, in most cases.

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The country you have lived in for a year during the last 10 years will be asked to provide a police certificate as requested by the Department of Immigration. This certification is obtainable through the police department of your home country.


The cost of the health check per person is around AUD$275 and is payable to the doctor.

The local police determine the cost of obtaining a police certificate.

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