Jobs in Canada For Immigrants



How To Get a Job in Canada.

There are numerous jobs in Canada for immigrants. Canada Needs skilled and unskilled workers.

Canadian immigration can be a lengthy process, especially if you are unfamiliar with the immigration process. Applying and getting a work permit can tough when you don’t know where to look or start. If you are looking for employment in Canada you will need a work permit, and in this case, you need what type of work permit? How would you format your resume to satisfy the standard in Canada? This article will walk you through the most significant steps when you apply for jobs.

Do You Need a Canada Work Permit?

Not all Canadian occupations require a work permit, there are occupations/jobs that are exempted from obtaining a work permit. Confirm to see if your occupation/job requires a work permit.

In the event that your occupation/job requires a work permit, you can be granted one through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) or the International Mobility Program (IMP). Work permits issued under the TFWP are close permit, and this implies that your employment will be under a specific employer who has received a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Work permits issued under the IMP can be open and close permits, however, to be eligible to work, your employer is required to procure a positive LMIA to employ you. The Working Holiday Visa and the Post-Graduate Work Permit are examples of an open-work permit.

Update your CV

Your resume is the first impression prospective employers have of you, ensure they stand out, and conform to the standards in Canada. Ensure that you include some fellow employees as a reference and your current job is listed on your resume. Your reference’s contact details and their position should be included as well.

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Check online and get a good idea of how your resume should be. Check online platforms like LinkedIn, and allow fellow work colleagues to write positive recommendations about you, ensure all of these are included in the resume.

Choose Which Companies You Want to Apply for

It is a common practice among job seekers to apply for multiple jobs with the same cover letter, and it is bad practice.

To each company you are submitting your resume to, ensure you write a unique cover letter that highlights your skills, and work experience relating to the job you are applying for, this will help your resume stand out. Ensure your resume does not come off as boastful, only state facts about your achievements and career.

Ensure You Follow-Up Your Application

It is ok to send a follow-up email to know the status of your application. This act will protect your interest and proactive about getting employment. This might also be what differentiates you from other applicants.

In the event that someone assisted you with your application, like a receptionist, show your appreciation by placing a call to them. This could be a helpful act.

Get to Work on Networking

By actively networking, you can effectively get your name out there. These can be done in a professional setting life career fairs and job events. These occasions present opportunities to meet with others who may work in your field.

Another way of getting noticed in Canada is through volunteering which can provide you with some valuable work experiences, and working as a volunteer can get you closer to some of the big names in your industry.

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Ensure That Your Credentials are Accredited

In Canada, several professions are regulated to protect the wellbeing and safety of the general population, population such as engineering, trades, teaching, and nursing. This implies that to find employment in regulated industries, you will be registered with a provincial regulatory body.

Aside from registering with regulatory body, your credentials must be assessed to meet Canadian standard, especially if you are applying for a position that requires post-secondary education as an obligate requirement. Your credentials will be assessed through by the World Educations Assessment (WES). The cost for assessment cost around $200CAD and about ten days to process.

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