How To Migrate To UK



How To Migrate To UK

The UK is a popular destination for immigrants and there are several UK visas available under many diverse categories. To begin your immigration application process, select the category below to get a detailed summary of the visa category.

Study in the UK

Visiting the UK

Work in the UK

UK Family Visa

EEA Family Permit

UK Visa Extension

UK Tier Visa

Study UK

Oxford and Cambridge, Probably one of the most established and best-regarded schools on the planet are situated in England. International students can select from a range of visa options for going to study in the UK.

*Level 4: This visa tier is for eligible adults who wish to pursue their tertiary education studies in the UK.

*Level 4 can likewise be utilized for kids from ages 4 to 17 to study in England also.

*The Student Visitor: This visa category is for international students who wish to pursue a short course of study (six months or less study period) in the UK. This visa is also available for children also.

*Prospective International Students can get a visa to visit the schools in the UK to assist them with choosing which course of study is ideal.

Visit the UK

The United Kingdom is a major destination for businesses and tourism. Most UK tourist visas issued are valid for a brief period of six months and no more.

Short excursions for work to the UK are taken care of similarly to the tourism visas issued and as long as you don’t accept a new job while the UK on your trip you can frequently visit the Uk on the travel visa.

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Working in the UK

The United Kingdom has an extremely dynamic and strong economy and there are various visas accessible for individuals who need to move to work in the UK.

*Tier 1 visas are for especially remarkable people who can contribute significantly and positively to the UK through their expertise and skills as well as entrepreneurs and investors.

*Tier 2 caters to the Skilled Worker system.

*Tier 5 visas are otherwise called Temporary Worker visas. These visas are given for no longer than a year in the UK.

UK Family Visa

UK migration policies are framed to keep families together. Visas are accessible for individuals wishing to:
visit family in the UK;
settle the UK with a British resident or settled individual; or
become a spouse/partner through civil partnership or marriage of a British citizen or permanent resident.

EEA Family Permit

Family members of the European Economic Area or Swiss nationals are qualified for a UK family permit. The EEA family permit is an authorization allowing you to enter and stay in the UK. In the event that you are not an EEA national but rather are related to one, this permit is for you.

UK Visa Extension

In the event that you are in the UK on a work or study visa, you might be qualified to apply for an extension of stay. The extension of stay will extend the duration you are legitimately qualified to stay in the UK.

UK Tier Visa

The UK Tier Visa system is a point-based categorization of visas. Candidates are required to score the minimum number of points to be eligible for a visa. The test allocates points to candidates based on the following factors such as age, English language proficiency, and different other factors which depend on the particular Tier you are applying under. There are five unique tiers:

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Tier 1, High-Value Migrants;

Tier 2, Skilled Workers;

Tier 3, Unskilled Workers;

Tier 4, Adult Students; and

Tier 5, Temporary Workers.

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