How To Get A Canada Work Visa



Canada boasts strong and diverse economic opportunities with a high standard of workplace safety and competitive remuneration. This has endeared thousands of foreigners to Canada. Furthermore, working in Canada is a great step for foreigners who wish to permanently settle in Canada.

To work in Canada, a foreigner must obtain the proper authorization, as working a proper authorization is illegal and have dire consequences that could hamper your future immigration plans.

Landing a New Job in Canada

It might feel overwhelming to start looking for employment in Canada. Fortunately, there are numerous resources created to assist job seekers looking for an official job offer. Before you begin the job search, ensure that your resume is properly set up and it conforms to Canadian standards, and also tailor your social media presence.

Certain Canadian occupations may require a foreigner to know their National Occupation Classification Code (NOC Code). The NOC code classifies all types of employments by Canadian standards.

Advantages of working in Canada

Working in Canada has numerous advantages. Canadian work laws guarantee that work environments have a serious level of safety and that all employers must observe certain laws and guidelines to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of the employees.
Also, Canadian wages are competitive, and foreigners enjoy the same wage as their Canadian counterparts.

Additionally, some Canadian work permits allow the children and spouses of skilled workers to come with them to Canada. Another critical advantage for those keen on moving to Canada permanently is that by gaining Canadian work ensure, a foreigner may be on his way to permanent residency. The following immigration programs grant value in differing degrees, for accumulated work experience in Canada:

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Express Entry
Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)
Federal Skilled Trades (FST)

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)
Quebec Immigration Programs
Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Applying For a Canadian work Permit

Depending on the type of work permit you are applying for, the application process varies. For instance, as part of their study permit, an international student studying in Canada will generally be issued a work part-time study permit.

Most closed-work permit requires a foreign skilled worker to present a valid offer of employment from a Canadian employer, and the offer of employment must be accompanied by an LMIA. Even foreigners who are exempted from acquiring a work permit or LMIA should be aware of the documentation they will be asked to present before they would be granted entry to Canada.

There are two general pathways for acquiring a Canadian work permit, Open and Close work permits

Closed-work permit are implies that the foreigners can only work for specific employers. The foreigner that is issued a closed-work permit is expected to continue working for the same employer at the same location unless the apply for a change in work permit.

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