How Long Does It Take To Get a Canada Visa?



Canada’s legal system is complex and it can be challenging to understand. The process of getting a Canada visa can seem like an endless journey, but in fact, it’s fairly straightforward. Canadians need only have a simple application, meet all the necessary requirements, and get a green card from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). It’s that simple. To help you get the most from your Canada visa application, we’ve outlined the process below: 1. Get A Canada Visa – How Long Does It Take To Get A Canada Visa? We know it might seem like there’s no end to the number of steps involved in getting a Canadian visa, but there really isn’t any limit to how long it takes to get a Canadian passport or resident permit. In fact, applicants may not have even known there were so many steps until they started applying for their Canadian visas! Read on for more information about how long it takes to get a Canadian visa.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for a Canada Visa?

The citizenship and immigration criteria for a Canada visa are simple. You must be a permanent resident of Canada and have a valid nationality. Additionally, you must be living in Canada and have the necessary travel documentation to get your visa. These documents may vary from passport size photos to a valid driver’s license. A non-resident who is already in Canada can’t apply for a new visa.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Canada Visa?

There are two general length requirements for Canada visas:

  • 15 Years for permanent residents and
  • 30 Years for non-residents.
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To qualify for either of these ages, you must be in Canada continuously since May 1, 1978. That is, you must have been a Canadian citizen or permanent resident since May 1, 1978 and have been living in Canada continuously since that date.

Why Does It Take So Long to Get a Canada visa?

There are a number of reasons why a Canada visa takes so long to get. Here are some of the most likely ones:

  • First timer – Most applications are submitted online and can take up to six months to process. If you are the first applicant, the wait might be worth it, but we recommend you start planning sooner.
  • Some applicants are from out of the country – The waiting time for a visa from a foreign country can be very long, even in good times. Make sure you understand the wait and what your chances are of getting in. If you are not sure, you can always apply through an American entity.
  • You are too young – Another thing to consider is your age. The age limit for a Canada visa is 30 years, but many Canadians under 30 have to wait.
  • You applied without a sponsor – If you applied without a sponsor, you might not be able to get a visa. This can happen if you are under the age of 21 or if you are a sponsor’s parent.

How to Apply for a Canada Visa

If you are applying for a Canada visa, you must first get a Canada passport or resident permit. After that, you will need to pay a fee and pay for your travel documents. You can apply online at the official Canada website. After that, you will need to get your application in writing. This can be done in person or by proxy. If you are applying through an American entity, you must sign a confidentiality agreement before discussing your application with any other individuals.

  • You are too young – Another reason you might not be able to apply for a new visa is you are too young. It is highly recommended that you be between 18 and 21 years of age. You can apply for a Canada permit as an adult, but you will have to pay the fee and show your parent ID to do so.
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You have an old passport – It is highly recommended that you take your passport in order to show your spouse or common-law partner that you are still a Canadian citizen. This also applies to Burmese or Sri Lankan border guards.

  • You applied without a visa – If you applied without a visa, you might not be able to get a Canada permit. This can happen if you are less than 18 and less than 21 years of age.

You need to get a foreign travel document – To get a foreign travel document, you need to pass a written test at the Canadian embassy or consulate where you intend to visit. You can get a copy of the approved test answer by written request.

  • You need to get a work document – To get a work document, you will have to apply through an employment office. You can get a copy of the approved test answers by written request.

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