Highest Paid Jobs in USA



Highest Paid Jobs in USA

The highest earners in the US are bound to wear a white coat than the Silicon Valley uniform of a hoodie and pants. The US is a nation that offers numerous business opportunities for all. And some of the industries with high earners include medical services, IT, and Finance, businesses such as oil and gas, construction, and mining are generally flourishing.

Doctors sit at the first spot on Glassdoor’s list of most lucrative jobs in the U.S. According to the job site’s data, doctors in the US median salary is simply over $193,000, a sizable sum more than the No. 2 top-earning positions of drug store administrator, where workers in the industry earnings are within the range of $144,000. It’s likewise more than three-and-a-half times $52,950 which is the national median pay.

While the main 25 competitors health care roles, skew tech-heavy, take the best four spots overall, and consist of half of the best 10. These positions, including a pharmacist, dentist, and physician assistant, require a master’s or doctorate certificate in their specialty, oftentimes with additional professional training or specialized programs and the appropriate licensing to practice.

Over the next decade, the demand for jobs in healthcare is expected to skyrocket, this projection is according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In any case, the biggest growth opportunities are expected to be majorly in low-wage and high-demand work like caretakers and home health assistants.

The main tech job that shows up on the top-paying list is enterprise architect — an essential position at an organization, whose responsibilities include; ensuring information technology and business objectives are aligned — which sits at No. 5 and earns about $122,000.

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Other rewarding tech jobs on the top-paying list with software improvement, information security in various capacities, and data management. The jobs don’t frequently require postgraduate degrees, and some list having four years of entry-level work experience as what could be compared to holding a four-year college education in a computer science field or related engineering.

All things considered, workers at these high-earning levels are by and large expected to have at least five years of technical work experience, in addition to a four-year school training period.

Glassdoor accumulated these rankings based on salary review

The best 10 most lucrative positions all pay above the range of $100,000 — here are the highest paying jobs in the US.

10. Software development manager

Number of employment opportunities: 1,663
Median salary: $109,809

9. Corporate controller

Number of employment opportunities: 299
Median salary: $113,368

8. Doctor aide

Number of employment opportunities: 11,008
Median salary: $113,855

7. Computer programmer

Number of employment opportunities: 1,641
Median salary: $114,163

6. Corporate counsel

Number of employment opportunities: 907

Median salary: $117,588

5. Enterprise architect

Number of employment opportunities: 1,555

Median salary: $122,585

4. Pharmacist

Number of employment opportunities: 1,884

Median salary: $126,438

3. Dentist

Number of employment opportunities: 3,655

Median salary: $142,478

2. Drug store administrator

Number of employment opportunities: 3,042

Median salary: $144,768

1. Doctor/Physician

Number of employment opportunities: 3,729
Median salary: $193,415

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