Canada Student Visa Application



Canada Student Visa Application

Foreigners who wish to study in Canada are required to obtain a Canadian study permit also known as the Canadian student visa for the duration of their study program.

Foreigners whose study program is less than six months are exempted from obtaining a study permit. However, it is important to apply for a study permit in the eventual case you decide to extend your study program, otherwise, you will have to leave Canada to reapply if you wish to continue studying after the six months period..

When you have a Canadian study permit, and you decide to renew, it can be easily done inside Canada. For full-time undergraduates studying at designated educational institutions, the study permits give them the option to work part time while studying. You may likewise have the option to work off-camp, fill in as an intern or co-op as a part of your program, permanently remain in Canada, or look for some kind of employment after you graduate.

Applying for a Canadian Study grant

You can apply for a Canadian study permit either through a paper application which can be gotten from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) site or online.

Paper applications normally take about twice as long, so it’s constantly advised to check the application processing time well ahead of time.

To apply online, you’ll need a credit/charge card and the capacity to make electronic duplicates of your supporting records (for example using a camera or a scanner). The visa office in your home country will give explicit guidelines about which documents you need to submit; Depending on your location, this may differ. On the off chance that you need help, you can find support at the nearest visa application center (VAC).

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Tip Get Your Canadian Student Visa The Follow Process :

1. Firstly, Obtain a letter of acceptance from a designated institution. International students who wish to study in Quebec should likewise apply for a certificate of acceptance known as a CAQ, from the government of Quebec. You should obtain this before you can apply for a Canadian study permit. You can get the CAQ on the web, by printing out a form, or by requesting a paper form from your preferred designated institution, which will likewise provide guidance.

2. Obtain a Canadian student visa application package, either contacting the local visa office, Canadian consulate, or embassy in your home country.

3. To get your application bundle you’ll have to respond to a couple of questions concerning yourself on the CIC website. These inquiries will decide if you’re qualified to apply online for a Canadian study permit, and what supporting documents you’ll have to give.

4. You will be issued a personal checklist code if you satisfy the eligibility criteria. The code will be required to submit your application online, and it valid for two months. For future references, ensure you print out the page containing your code. The page will likewise include a guide for the application, an estimated tuition cost, list of required documents to be submitted.

5. Create a MyCIC account when you are ready to apply, where you will input your checklist code. You’ll at that point receive your document checklist which allows you to submit your application to the CIC. A printer or scanner is required to do this.

6. Once you have paid your application fees, and have your application and documents ready, you can submit your application to the CIC.

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7. Depending on where you are applying from, some applicants may be required to schedule an interview.

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