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Visa Immigration to Australia

If you are looking for easy ways migrate to Australia, here is Australia Visa Application Guidelines.

If you are taking a short program in Australia, for instance, a language course, with a maximum duration of 12 weeks, the tourist visa is the best option for you. You are allowed to study for 16 weeks if you have a working holiday visa. However, for longer study programs and university studies, you will be required to apply for a visa.

You can apply for the Australian study in the following steps:

1. Apply to a school in Australia and obtain a CoE

The first step in the Australian visa application is to get accepted into a designated institution. After you have gotten an offer letter from a school, you must acknowledge the offer and pay the required tuition fee, thereafter the school will send you a CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment). This is an important document during your visa application.

2. Create an Online Account With The Australian Immigration Authorities

To begin your application, create your online account here:

Provide answers to the required field and create a strong password for your account.

3. Ensure That You Have All The Digital Copies of The Required Documents

You will need the following to apply for an Australian study visa:

Your CoE
An OSHC medical coverage.
Proof of fund
Language test result
Proof of temporary stay

4. Complete the application online

124 days before the commencement of your study program, you must apply for your visa subclass 500. You are required to fill in your nationality and Coe code on the first page and chose your educational sector, for instance, ELICOS for language courses or Higher Education for courses that leads to a college degree. You can get more information on the form.

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You will be required to submit family details, personal details, work experience, previous education, health, and criminal record.

5. Pay the Required Fee and Get a TRN-Number

At the point when you have finished the application you should pay the application fee which is currently 575 AUD. Paying with your credit card online is the easiest way . Learn more here: the web or-on-paper/on the web/how-to-pay

At the point when the application and payment is completed you will be issued a receipt with a TRN-number (Transaction Reference Number).

6. Visa Interview and Health Check

You may be required to attend an interview and undergo medical check, however, this is dependent on where you will live or study. If it applies to you, you will be notified.

Try not to do the health checkup exam before you have finished the application as you will require your TRN-number and you will get directions on what you need to check.

7. Get your visa choice

The visa processing time depends on how busy the Australian immigration authorities are and the type of visa you are applying for. Typically you will know the status of your visa within a couple of weeks after completing your application.

You can check the status of your application by signing in to the immigration website, and if necessary enter your TNR-number. Log in at

Typically the Australian immigration authorities will send a notification to you by email once your visa decision is ready.

8. Travel to Australia

Upon receiving your visa, you have 90 days to enter Australia before the commencement of your course as written on your Coe.

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You should inform your school of your address 7 days upon arriving Australia if you have not booked accomodation through your school.

Normally you are granted right to remain in Australia for 30 days after your course finishes or 60 days if your course lasts longer than 10 months.

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